Validating pharmaceutical

The Good Automated Manufacturing Practice (GAMP) Forum was founded in 1991 by pharmaceutical industry professionals in the United Kingdom to address the industry’s need to improve comprehension and evolving expectations of regulatory agencies in Europe.The organization also sought to promote understanding of how computer systems validation should be conducted in the pharmaceutical industry.Read More We are a leader in the discovery of new targets and innovative protein therapeutics.We are pursuing clinical development of our product candidates both independently and in collaboration with pharmaceutical partners.

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Through our proprietary protein discovery platform, we have identified several other promising drug targets and candidates that we are validating preclinically.

An individual question may link to multiple therapeutic areas: for example, a patient may be described who has hypertension and type 2 diabetes.

Around 20 per cent of questions in the assessment will relate to paediatric patients.

Read More screening system to increase the speed and precision of identifying, analyzing and assessing protein drug targets and candidates.

We can produce and test thousands of extracellular proteins each week.

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