Updating the texas cost of education index

HEPI measures the average relative level in the prices of a fixed market basket of goods and services typically purchased by colleges and universities through current-fund educational and general expenditures, excluding expenditures for research.Educational and general expenditures include the functions of instruction and departmental research, extension and public services, educational programs such as workshops and instructional institutes supported by sponsors outside the institution, student services, general administration and expenses, staff benefits, libraries, and operation and maintenance of the physical plant.

As the Texas state legislature attempts to revamp the state's school funding system, here are seven key problems with Texas’ school finance system that policymakers need to address.

The cost to attend UT Tyler varies with the individual student.

The university reserves the right to change tuition and fees in keeping with acts of the Texas Legislature and/or policies of the Board of Regents.

In total, about .36 billion of funding is dispersed to districts annually based on this outdated index that does not reflect current realities.

Similarly, the diseconomies of scale adjustments that provide additional funding for small and midsize districts are also problematic.

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