Polycom 330 updating initial configuration

This article is not intended to replace or accompany any official Polycom documentation.

Instead this process alone can be used to deploy a basic provisioning server in a lab or testing environment when evaluating Polycom SIP phones, and much of the guidance contained reflects a non-production scenario.

The most common method to configure the phones to discover the phone settings stored on the Pure Cloud Edge is to enable DHCP on the phone.

For more information, see Enable DHCP on the phone to discover the phone settings from the Edge.

Doing so may result in some anomalous behavior such as audio coming out both the conference phone and HDX system. When the Polycom Stereo Surround setting is enabled on HDX 4000 series systems, audio might drop during a call that connects to a Virtual Meeting Room (VMR) through the Polycom Halo H.323 Meet-Me Service.

Polycom Halo H.323 Meet-Me Service users must disable the Enable Polycom Stereo Surround setting in HDX 4000 series systems by navigating to Admin Settings During multipoint video conference calls using the Lync Server, the video conference session might not completely disconnect when the Organizer disconnects from the conference.

This behavior depends upon how Meeting Policies are configured on the Lync Server, and might be observed when the Lync Client is the organizer or when the HDX system is the organizer.

When an HDX system hosting a multipoint call is connected to the maximum number of video endpoints, the Place A Call screen displays Add Video Call instead of Add Audio Call.

When logged into the Soundpoint IP Configuration Gui and under the Sip page, I have: Under Outgoing Proxy: nothing Under Server 1: address=192.168.x.x, port=5060Then under the Line Page under line 1 Information I have: Display Name=Adam, address=192.168.x.x, Auth User ID=8000, Auth Password=(password for extension 8000).

When a factory-reset device is first powered on it will check for specific DHCP Options that may be defined on the network which would provide a path to the provisioning server.

Hello, I have a Swtichvox free setup, and I have it configured. However I can't seem to figure out how to add a Polycom IP3330?

Polycom UCS devices can utilize a variety of different file server platforms to store and manage both firmware packages and configuration files, no additional third-party software is required.

In this article a basic FTP server will be used but the phones also support the TFTP, HTTP, and HTTPS protocols.

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