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After taking another look at the cmdlet parameters I noted another parameter: -Preview Thus: Set-User Photo "stevie" -Picture Data ([System. File]:: Read All Bytes("C:\Users\stevie\App Data\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Account Picturesa2217e981a758f.jpg")) -Preview -Preview uploads the photo to your user account but does not save it.Saving is accomplished via Set-User Photo "stevie" -Save However, let's focus on just getting the Set-User Photo cmdlet to run without "red".In IE go to Internet Options-Advanced; look under Security for Do not save encrypted files to disk. If you do not see a red x but have a blank box shaped/sized like the graphic or photo, you have Show picture placeholders enabled. (This dialog is also accessable from Control panel, Internet Options.) Thanks to William for sharing this with us.It aims to demonstrate where user photos are stored and where different applications fetch user photos from (if they don’t store the images), and leads to some recommendations about user photo synchronisation.

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However, you may be notified that admin rights are necessary to run the script.Such a pathname change certainly should be valid and worth the try. The third and fourth both appear to be "Could not find file" but at least the cmdlet is recognized to some extent.Both seem to be balking at the -Identity parameter: i.e., "stevie" (3rd) or photo filename (4th).How can I get the pictures to synch to so that they look the same on all my computers and on the website?Unfortunately, contact pictures are not being synched via the Outlook Hotmail Connector.

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